We are committed in delivering

quality in assurance, advisory and tax services

Our Services

SM Xulu offers complete and comprehensive services to our clients. These services are designed to assist clients to effectively manage their risk, strengthen their controls and also achieve their objectives. Our promise of quality delivery encompasses our commitment to offer a value-adding service, to our clients. As a professional services firm, value add is embedded on all our activities.  We offer:


Statutory Audit

Retirement funds audit

Audit of predetermined objectives;

Probity Audits; and

Quality Assurance Review.


Corporate governance service;

Risk-based internal audit;

Performance audit;

Probity advisory; and

Risk management


Forensic audit and investigations;

Digital forensic incl. cyber forensics;

Criminal investigations;

Lifestyle audit investigations;

Forensics litigation support; and

Fraud preventions services


Due diligence;

Business valuations; and

Transactions advisory services.


Preparing and reviewing tax computations and tax returns;

Tax advise & planning;

Technical tax opinion; and

VAT & PAYE advise


IT audit;

Data analytics; and

IT advisory;


Accounting services;

Technical accounting support;

Financial management;


Fixed asset verification & barcoding

Fixed asset register audit

Fixed asset register consolidation & reconciliation

Fixed assets valuations


Management consulting,

Business turnaround;

Strategic planning & development; and

Business policy development

Management Consulting

SMX understands management consulting to consist of a holistic range of interventions designed to achieve managerial optimisation.

Our services assist management and leadership to master and implement a range of instruments and process.

The methodologies and instruments utilised are unique to each client and developed in consultation with them.

Our aim is to ensure that ongoing management capacity resides in our client organisations, our methodologies are thus geared to maximise skills transfer.

We also undertake project management assignments to fast-track development.

Systems Solutions

SMX is cognisant of the fact that a more efficient approach to the management of state and parastatal structures has been adopted over the past 10 years.

This has had significant implications for the introduction of managerial systems to synchronise and standardise approaches.

In general, these systems enhance the quality of management of resources; human, financial, material and information.

In combination, these systems ensure the streamlining of internal organisational processes and facilitate the levels of openness and transparency requisite of the democratic developmental state.

Strategic Planning

SMX believes that planning is the heart of organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

As a new democracy, we find it necessary to be both constructive and innovative in the blue prints we prepare for development.

Our understanding of ‘strategic planning’ is comprehensive and, again, holistic, in that planning can only be considered successful if successfully implemented.

Our strategic planning services thus include broad risk analysis and extend to the development and implementation of appropriate systems to monitor, evaluate and report on performance against the plans we facilitate.

SMX considers issues such as broad based black economic empowerment to be of a cross-cutting strategic nature, requiring particularly innovative strategic responses from organisations in both the public and private sectors- we believe we have a unique contribution to make in this area.

Procurement Solution (procure-to-pay (P2P) and Source-to-Pay (S2P) processes)

SMX works with organisations of all sizes to standardize, simplify and automate the elements of traditional procurement by digitizing procure-to-pay (P2P) and Source-to-Pay (S2P) processes. We assist business to navigate complex integration challenges relating to procurement. By providing tools that helps in driving delivery efficiency while providing insights on processes that highlight systemic issues. These tools incorporate big data, data analysis on market trends, historic spend, process management, spend management, supplier/sourcing management, invoice management and more, to

Our solutions are tremendously effective for raising the performance bar in procurement process by:

Improving process effectiveness

Automating processes which reduces manpower costs, processing times and risks.

Provide greater visibility into the procurement process and controls

Consolidating and aggregating data that gives companies clearer insights and superior control over their spending.

Upskilling the teams

Instead of spending time on manual and repetitive administrative tasks, procurement teams can focus on missions with greater strategic value for the company.

In implementing our tool, we work with organisations to ensure flexible integrated procurement process into existing procurement solutions.